About Vinyl Deck Studios

Vinyl Deck MicrophoneVinyl Deck studios is a Prince George recording studio operated by William Kuklis, and specializing in independant music production. Using some of the most up-to-date recording equipment to capture the true sound of your project, Vinyl Deck Studios will work with you to help you achieve recording perfection.



The heart of any project, Vinyl Deck Studios takes recordingvinyl deck mic grate seriously, working with you to get the right sound for any job. By experimenting with a variety of microphones, instruments and mic placements to help you achieve your best sound.

We offer recording for vocalists, solo musicians, singer/songwriters, full bands, voice-overs, audio books, and anything in between.


We use modern mixing software and tools to seamlessly edit your tracks to create the ideal balance for each recording. We can also take your own recordings and mix them into a track of your liking.


Vinyl Deck AKG Perception MicrophoneVinyl Deck Studios will create custom music and recording for any project large or small. We've created and produced soundtracks for film, television, radio, and theatre. Vinyl Deck Studios will as work with you to develop your own music projects.



Main Studio Equipment

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