Cultured Cowboy - Live At Orphan Studios

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Cultured Cowboy - Live at Orphan Studios
Live At Orphan Studios


Recorded at Orphan Studios (Surrey, BC) 2000
Sound Engineer: David Forbes
Mastered By: Bud Bremner - Coastal Mastering Studios

Aaron Burnett: Bass
William Kuklis: Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica
Terry Magson: Vocals, Guitars
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  1. Rain For A Sunny Day (T. Magson)
  2. Bad News (W. Kuklis)
  3. Buttercup (W. Kuklis)
  4. Assembly (T. Magson)
  5. Fall To Pieces (W. Kuklis)
  6. Cliffjumping (T. Magson)
  7. Take Me Home (W. Kuklis)
  1. GNILY (T. Magson)
  2. Me To You (T. Magson)
  3. Break The Broken (W. Kuklis and T. Magson)
  4. Sweet Rain (W. Kuklis)
  5. Fistfull (T. Magson)
  6. AJ Polka Waltz (W. Kuklis and T. Magson)
  7. Goodbye (W. Kuklis)