William Kuklis - I've Heard That Before

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I've Heard That Before
I've Heard That Before


Recorded at Vinyl Deck Studios (Prince George, BC) 2013
Sound Engineer: William Kuklis
Mastered By: William Kuklis

William Kuklis: Vocals and Guitars

Track #4 (Home Again) features the many talents of:

Matt Adolf: Keyboard
Aaron Burnett: Bass
Chris Fowlie: Drums

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  1. I Feel Free (W. Kuklis)
  2. I'm Lost (W. Kuklis)
  3. When You Run (W. Kuklis)
  4. Home Again (W. Kuklis)
  5. How Do You Do (W. Kuklis)
  1. Let Me Breathe (W. Kuklis)
  2. You Cut Me Down (W. Kuklis)
  3. Goodnight (W. Kuklis)
  4. I've Heard That Before (W. Kuklis)
  5. Skeleton Bird (A. Ochsendorf)